A gift beyond words

A gift beyond words
Ganesha, remover of obstacles

A gift beyond words

That night
I was surrounded by divine light
And in the light a hand
Streched out

In the palm
Of the hand was a bulb of light
And the light was the light
Of Ganesha

I opened my hands
And the light surrounded me
Giving me great comfort
And i wondered
Who sends me this gift?

Much later
I heard a divine friend of mine
Prayed Ganesha for help
And i know he still does
When the clouds greated me
This morning

My humble namaan to the Giver

QA teaching on Ganesha by dr . Pillai

Ganesha’s mantra: Om gam Ganapataye Namaha

Ganesha, remover of obstacles

By Mib

Scribbling in my lost moments

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