The colors of fall


Fall is nearing colors are changing time is shorting the span of a lifetime Falling leaves Shorting days And a promise of rest  

The other way

You, always you

The other way Attracted by roots Greated by the Hind A hugh A wisper Awaited Neared Sleepless night Aging years… You Always You   Meanings of hind The rear or back A farmer Female of the red deer Serranid fishes From Hindustan Milky Way The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System.… Continue reading The other way

Groundlessness, without ground

Groundlessness, without ground

Groundlessness No ground To rely on That is our life Building ground To stay on A false perception of security Groundlessness without ground

A gift beyond words

Ganesha, remover of obstacles

A gift beyond words That night I was surrounded by divine light And in the light a hand Streched out In the palm Of the hand was a bulb of light And the light was the light Of Ganesha I opened my hands And the light surrounded me Giving me great comfort And i wondered… Continue reading A gift beyond words

Talk to Me

Talk to me

To walk amongst men I took the form of a man To talk to menkind I took the voice of a man Incarnation

The bliss of form

Princess Grace of Monaco

The bliss of form Grace and Beauty   Picture: Princess Grace of Monaco  

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