The terror of intellect

The terror of intellect
Territorial imperative

the terror of intellect
has chased the “Intel Legere”

the truth written between lines
the genuine understanding

Beyond words
Beyond explanations

reason is lacking
and so is comprehension

what do we understand?
and moreover
what do we not understand?

By Mib

Scribbling in my lost moments


  1. Thanks
    we feel it all around
    we the commoners and intellectuals both
    “the terror of intellect”
    we terrorize and get terrorized
    what a new weapon man has invented
    -“terror of intellect”
    Swaran J Omcawr

  2. intellect
    resides there…..
    where universe smiles

    ah mind!
    take a pause
    allowing me to stay
    somewhere near that space

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