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The eye of the beholder

The eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder A mirror reflecting the sun Look at the iris of our eyes, […]

The other way

The other way

The other way Attracted by roots Greated by the Hind A hugh A wisper Awaited Neared Sleepless night Aging years… […]

A gift beyond words

A gift beyond words

A gift beyond words That night I was surrounded by divine light And in the light a hand Streched out […]

Seed is the child of nature

Seed is a child of nature

The child of nature The divine heart of matter understands the beatitude of light “Seed is the child of nature […]

Money money money

Money, money, money

Stop counting We all dream about money Don’t we? But what do we do with it? And what do we […]


Talk to Me

To walk amongst men I took the form of a man To talk to menkind I took the voice of […]

The Banyan tree

The banyan tree from India

“The Banyan tree is associated with Yama, the god of death and is often planted outside the village near crematorium. […]

The terror of intellect

The terror of intellect

the terror of intellect has chased the “Intel Legere” the truth written between lines the genuine understanding Beyond words Beyond […]

Exercice and mastery, fitness and grace

Exercice & mastery

A gifted genius waiting for recognition? waiting for reward? Exercices, exercices I must do my exercices Repetition and genius lead […]

The deer, a satvic animal

Satvic, a deer

It is said Deers reside only in those places where great sages were or are present. Deers are said to […]

Princess Grace of Monaco

The bliss of form

The bliss of form Grace and Beauty   Picture: Princess Grace of Monaco  

Flower of life

From seed to tree

  the seed of life the flower of life the fruit of life the tree of life

The cosmos in your eye

The cosmos and me

The planets and their turn Sun is soul Moon is mind Mars shows strenght Jupiter knowledge Venus brings happiness Saturn […]

Counters and Power

The power of engines

The odometer or speedmeter  the stopping of the odometer does not stop the engine it runs on fuel Counters and […]


Wit is in the eye

Behold what you see and how perception is yours what you see is not always what you get  

Fruits and flowers

Fruit and flowers

The seed becomes flower and fruit In the end we love both But fruit tastes best… Flowers come before fruits! […]


Bike riders

It is impossible to drive a bike for another one Biker at the time for there is only one Seat


The colors of fall

Fall is nearing colors are changing time is shorting the span of a lifetime Falling leaves Shorting days